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Default Re: Cracking the Code

Greg, I commend you on the work you are doing.
My brain just goes gooey when I try to take a lot of this stuff in and I am still working my way through all the info on this subject.

If this has already been discussed, I am sorry, but I could not help noticing the following:

1) what remains of the generator/ magnet wheel is incomplete.
2) the old photos of the complete setup show pulleys & chains AND an old bicycle.
3) a wire should run from the mechanism. What about the Bell?
4) the heavy gate no longer works because the bearing is worn (perhaps some of the load was somehow lightened, to ease operation or when opening. a sort of harmonic resonance key, as in lock & key)
5) the bell should be rung twice.
6) what sort of metal would a 10 cent piece (of the time) be made of.

So, what if, after the construction of coral castle was completed, the mechanism was altered to become the entry system ?

Ringing the bell twice would result in a resonance being sent, via wire, to the mechanism. This would activate the mechanism, which would in turn activate the chain & pulley system and open the heavy door to allow access.
This would show the potential of the system (used in a different way) without leaving everything set up as it was originally used, again, a clue as to it's true purpose.

If this sounds stupid or ill informed (bear in mind I am still reading & watching information about this) then I appologise for wasting everybodys time. But this thought would not go away when looking at all this info.
I think the bicycle is a part of this aswell ( more clues ) it was not just parked behind the mechanism, it looked like part of the setup.

Is the 10 cents relevant to the entry process? the metal of the coin completing a circuit?

One piece of info I read, said that the wheel,although heavy, was effortless to turn. Also the Leylines intensified energy ( lightening the weight of the door, or increasing the force of the energy applied to it.)

I would be interseted to hear your thoughts on this, even if it is to say that I am reading something into this that is not there, or irrelevant.

I hope these thoughts are useful to someone.

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