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Default Cracking the Code

So, I think I may of figured out the "ring bell twice" piece from Coral Castle with the notes C (256hz) and G (384hz). This is also based on C256/A432 tuning. This was part of the research I've been doing with earth's frequency and stuff that I was talking about earlier. It took 30 hours this week of spreadsheets and math, but I finally got it. Thanks to whomever posted the Coral Castle video. It gave me purpose and a half. Also, think of Ed's right angle in Coral Castle. Also, the numbers 1,2,4,8,7,5 represent the material world, while 3 & 6 represent the spiritual world. The background image in the diagram is taken from Walter Russell's periodic table. Also, technically the wave size should double each octave.

Here is a list of the entire harmonics broken down if you're interested. The number in italics is the quantum number or decimal parity derivative. And as you may see, quartz crystal's natural resonance is 32768hz, otherwise a harmonic of C.

Here is how you define the harmonic notes through math. Down is doubling by two, while to the right is doubling by three, which is an integral part to why G and C are important, and all relates to phi and vortex mathematics. Our current use of A440 tuning is arbitrary and erroneous and was put in place by the Nazis because they knew this information, and what better way to hide it then to *uck with the notes of nature (by 1940's A440 was internationally accepted). All our music is out of tune (It still makes harmonic patterns which is the most important part, but the natural notes are off)!

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