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Default Re: Time to liberate our computers in a massive way

Originally Posted by artvision View Post
You are right Pablo, we were getting these bad info, starting from middle of last year and there is an intensification lately. What we can do against it? I cannot imagine ourselves calling to modem one each other and spread files and info. There is the other initiative, that is t create a bigger VPN over the existing internet frame, but this could last as long as the existent infrastructure lasts, even though is susceptible to intercepting and decoding by TPTB.

There was also an initiative called FIDONET. Really, after we have secured our information and data and somehow we get a ghost like browsing on the existing net, we need a secure network in case the current one is breaking.

Very complex problem to be solved for normal citizens.
Not complex, depends on the focus, i DO believe that anything is possible...
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