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Default Re: Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can destroy

An interesting note on why we have first to speak and second a language that sabotages a lot of what we want to achieve:

Voyagers II page 322

3470 BC Babble On Massacre:

Galactic Federation and the Luciferian Pleiadian and Nibiurian Annunnaki races steal the Arc of the Covenant Gold box and stargate tools, attempt world dominion beginning in Marduke-Annunaki Drakonian-held Babylon

Temporary planetary magnetic grid collapse (ley lines) created, using Arc tools at Babylon (Iraq stargate) and Nibiruian-Diodic-Crystal-Grid at Stonhenge, England to create reversed-fire-letters-sequence distortions in Earth Planetary Shields, which cause major mutations in the function of the Angelic Human DNA template. Erased Race Memory, blocked natural Kundalini flow in body causing Pineal, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Thyroid Gland malcfunctions that shorten huma life span and block interdimensional perception in all but implanted Annu(naki) Melchizedek "Chosem Ones" and scrambled natural language patterns
Recorded as the "Tower of Babel" story in Bible. Grail King races retrieve Arc of the Covenant Box and Tools, preventing advancement of world dominion through intended pole shift.

End of quote

My interpretation in lay terms is that the negative ETs tried to cause pole shift to eliminate the human angelics (again) and caused a terrible mayhem in the grids and template of the planet which is why we can not remember who we are

Of course, the negative Ets then came and "gave us the language" and taught us how to write and read....for their purposes as we can see. The amazing thing is that this can be verified by the leyends of "gods" coming to help humans, aproximate dates all over the world...interesting

It appears that our DNA gets programed by the grids of the planet so...whoever controls the grids controls us provided we have not been awakened...

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