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Hello! Southern Maine here. I've been following the work of Project Camelot for several months. I was wondering if any maine/new england posts would show up here! These are exciting times eh?

I am somewhat unsure of my exact plans other than to watch the movie unfold. I currently live in a 5 bedroom duplex with roommates. I care less about self preservation and generally more about helping others. I am by no means overly afriad or a nut, but I do have a 2 month food supply and a couple of firearms and other supplies. haha. Better be prepared so that when s*** does go down I don't have to worry about my own self preservation - I'll at least be set for a bit and I can keep my head level.

I am just very excited by our reality right now and the adventure that it entails. I think that life should be taken just seriously enough to feel compassion for others and want to help - but just not serious enough so that you are never scared and see life as a mysterious ride to be fully enjoyed to the max, even in the face of terror. I will go out smiling, even if nukes rain from heaven.

I have a blog that I keep at It basically explores the conspiratorial version of history, which, as we of all people know, is the correct view of history.

I like to follow the work of David Wilcock as well, and the notion that everything is a part of a perfect divine cosmic plan. It's hard to say if this is true, I have read and followed so much information in so many directions that I don't know what to think. But thats what makes it exciting.

Regarding the political arena, I've been a huge supporter and follower of Ron Paul and the events that he has been holding. It surely seems to be a second American Revolution in the works. I was thrilled to be a part of the march on Washington and rally in DC back in July.

Ever since I was a very young kid I've never been able to stop asking myself one simple question: "Is this really happening right now?" I would just repeat that over and over in my head when I layed in bed as a kid. "Is this really even happening right now?" "This" as meaning anything. Is anything really in existence? Why? What am I? - Not who am I, but WHAT am I? haha.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to network with some people who have open minds to the incredibly mysterious and strange phenomenon of life. Cheers.

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