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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

hello Clarityofawareness and friends!
always nice to see all you beautiful beings

ah, I love the topic of responsibility!
I can offer this from my own personal experience:

as soon as I realized that " I " was completely responsible for EVERYTHING,
my entire life changed, my whole world changed.
(for the better I might add)

I went from being a victim to a CREATOR
then, I knew
I AM the master of my universe!

I was no longer a robot,
once I got in touch with my power to choose!

and yes, being a robot was MY choice too.
I certainly wanted to think someone else was controlling me,
but then, one day, I finally realized it's ALL ME!

so, I thought
I'm here now, in this dream
why not have some FUN?
enjoy my dream, create my dream,
it's MY dream - I AM responsible for it

when in doubt, all I have to do is remember that
there is always only two choices:
Love or Fear

(hint - fear doesn't really exist)

and the only way I will awake from this dream (or nightmare) and go home
is: forgiveness

practicing forgiveness, every second, of everyday is my ticket home.
(when I don't forgive, I AM forced to judge)

fear binds the world. forgiveness sets it free.

so, in the meantime,
I choose to take responsibility for everything and create my reality.
good times !!!

great thread and posts!
I had to remember I was the cause - I had completely forgotten!
so maybe this will help others to remember too

~ loving yourself is fun ~
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