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Dear Friends,

Thanks for your very generous words. These are interesting times.

Since the startling and sudden removal of the ANGLO-SAXON MISSION video I've been sitting firmly on my hands, following my own advice to the Chinese military commanders not to be provoked into initiating WW III. The heavy irony is that there are some exact parallels here.

The video had received 25,000 YouTube hits (and 400 comments, almost all of them positive, intelligent and interesting) in 36 hours before it was taken down. I heard that the video has already been copied to DVD and handed to one US Congressman, a good man who will watch it carefully.

The translation team of 150 people (17 languages) are working on subtitles right now. They just need to be hosted somewhere where they will not be deleted.

Meanwhile, the original video is available as a torrent here:

...and can be streamed in full here (a Chinese site - a really delicious irony):

Also meanwhile, John Lennon's IMAGINE is here on YouTube, with 6 million hits since May 2006.

Clearly no copyright issues there.

The video was not deleted with my knowledge or consent.

Best wishes to all - Bill
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