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Default Re: The Heather Material

Originally Posted by seeingterra View Post
I will not argue with you on that specific point. But you should be aware I posted (in Kerry's thread) that I withdraw my earlier conclusions\statements in light of the information Kerry provided. As far as I knew Kerry concurred with this information at the point of Bill's postings, and I was afraid that I almost (perhaps) would publicly post false information on PLW. So I left the decision to Kerry herself.

That should sum it up
No and I wish not to argue either. I actually put this on the wrong thread as I indicated.

You did take it back and you know that was great and its not something you see very often. The point I was making was that if you have rules they need to keep them. I don't wish to see anyone banned from the forum ever........Just do not give a reason and then let it slip by for others. I hope you understand my point.

If you are going to have mods, then please keep it consistent and be honest.

Oh and I by no means do I feel a victim in any of this.
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