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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Kerry Cassidy View Post
MODERATORS PLEASE UN BAN KINSUEMEI2 -- this member has been banned for no good reason. I object and I request that he be reinstated.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot and Project Avalon
Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Dear All,

in the next few hours the mods will receive more written messages from 'Heather' in the form of a compilation of Avalon PMs and Facebook messages.

Let's see if those were dictated, too.

When the mods have all the available information, they will make the call about whether Ben was a hoaxer.

This is what's at stake - because he posted this information on his thread. It's not just dragging the Avalon Forum into Camelot's business. It IS Avalon's business.

If the mods decide he was a hoaxer, then he should be banned - in my strong opinion.

If he was not a hoaxer, then he should be reinstated.


When all the information about 'Heather' is available, it'll be posted for everyone to see.

My best wishes to all, Bill

On behalf of the Avalon moderators I am posting this reply to our beloved founders and membership.
We have removed the ban on kinsuemie2 for the moment. This is not a response to Kerrys request
but a decision made by us as the first move towards uncovering the truth of this matter and setting it right.

We are reviewing the evidence that has been presented to us and will decide on the matter in the very near future.

We act only with the best interest of Avalon and its members.
In the meantime this and any other related threads will remain closed.

Thank you for your understanding

The Project Avalon Moderating Team

-- This Thread is Reopened --

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