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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

You can call me Marc, people call me Armake. I work in NewYork for the NYPD as a PAA. I just want to let Bill know that you can find me on You-tube under Boxed Entertainment 21.

I have a huge following in the gaming community and am considered one of the best VG reviewers about, I am here because as you saw you managed to do dumbass thing by pissing off Kinsue and even though we have our differences, I will state on record that I went out with Heather Anderson for a three weeks, but the long distance thing screwed it up, she had issues and yeah she stayed with Ben and his wife for a good while. Now I am not into aliens and conspiracy **** but she was ****ing convincing, so you better do some real detective work before you dis a guy. and if Ben wont give you her name I will it was Joanie Anders she was a MD, I saw Bens post and thought **** it, give you score on whats what.

go to page 152 on my comments you'll see ReaperT2000 one of Joanie's alias names. I still called her heather for her finger quote security. and yeah she was pregnant and no I,m not ****ing talking to you about that.

for a real picture of Joanie look here, I'm done! Now do what you should have from the giddy up! But here's a tip our detectives use get to know a guy before you judge him. I'll keep anonymous off your back, for now.


marcus sparacio says he's one of the overconfident one, it transpires.

the family name sparacio (of sicilian origin) is fairly rare in the states - some 35.000 or less. his surnema happens to handsomely tie in with his projected personality - sparacio comes from SPARARE = to FIRE (a shot gun); to HIT; also EXAGGERATE...

he may be using his real name, if not, he is saying more..the whole affair sounds a special war against avalon.. not a case to get polarised

best wishes l

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