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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thank Kerry for your open arms to hearing the Truth regarding this entire scenario and your decision to allow him back on the forum.

I do not blame Bill or anyone for that matter on how all this went down, it is getting increasingly difficult to weed out Truth from falsehoods and we, the human race, are doing our very best as we are navigating different frequencies and dimensions sometimes moment to moment during this shift.

I had likened this story to the blind men and the elephant each one 'seeing' a different part of the elephant and convinced the part they were feeling was the reality of the animal....well I must have gotten the ass end because that is precisely what I am feeling like right now!

My apologies to Ben for not believing his story, and to his loyal friends who have frequented Avalon on his behalf.

Also to Carol and mntruthseeker for their unwitting belief in Ben.

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