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Default Re: Message TO MARCO & THE CAMELOT WAY

Originally Posted by Marcus Sparacio View Post
You can call me Marc, people call me Armake. I work in NewYork for the NYPD as a PAA. I just want to let Bill know that you can find me on You-tube under Boxed Entertainment 21. ... (edited for complete post see original)

I will state on record that I went out with Heather Anderson for a three weeks, but the long distance thing screwed it up, she had issues and yeah she stayed with Ben and his wife for a good while. Now I am not into aliens and conspiracy **** but she was ****ing convincing, so you better do some real detective work before you dis a guy. and if Ben wont give you her name I will it was Joanie Anders she was a MD, I saw Bens post and thought **** it, give you score on whats what.

LETTER TO Marco and the WAY of Camelot,

Marco: Please feel free to contact me anytime. My skype name is 'snowjaguar'.

I do not share Bill Ryan's point of view on the Heather material or with regard to Ben. I am disappointed and astonished that Bill would publicly post regarding someone who has come to us as a whistle blower regardless of his view of the material. This is not how Camelot operates. It is not our mission.

We are not the judge and jury or the grand inquisitor... Although we vet our witnesses to whatever degree possible, considering the depth of the subject matter and the seriousness (by the way), what is MOST IMPORTANT is that the information gets out to the public so that they may decide what resonates and what does not. Getting the truth out in whatever form we find it is our mission.

As we move into 4th Density or the wave, determining what is true and what is not will become more and more difficult. If you are not already aware, records, badges and degrees can be falsified by the secret gov in whatever way they wish... Relying on old science and consensus reality will not reveal the true nature of what it means to be human. It never has and never will. This is only more true as we move out of this level.

We create our reality more and more as we own the fact of our ability to create. As creators reality becomes more and more malleable. Keep this in mind. You decide what you want to believe and what it is you know. The act of KNOWING is a psychic act. If you wish to know you must use more senses than the standard six. This much is obvious. You must go beyond the confines of what you have been told are your limits. The truth is, you have no limits. Our potential is unlimited. This is the greatest secret.

The Heather material rings true for me. However, this does not mean that all of it is accurate nor does it mean that everything Ben says is true. It means that I am listening and I will continue to listen. This is what matters.

Most of all, I listen to the heart. I wish to know first and foremost what the person's heart is saying to me. The rest may fluctuate. In Ben's case I listen to his heart.

Every whistleblower we have has spoken truths and untruths. In some cases they know they are lying (when they do so). In most cases they believe what they are telling us. This is the nature of what it means to be a whistleblower in THE MATRIX.... Nothing will contain all truth. Everything is subject to the laws of the matrix. To being bent and misconstrued by the nature of how we view 'through a glass darkly".... What is most true is that our perceptions are widening and deepening. We are learning more and more of what this reality is really made of... of the deceptions we have been party to... We have both been the deceiver and the deceived. Keep this in mind when listening to anyone let alone a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers are often complex, at one point or another mind controlled and manipulated. Is it so strange that their stories may contain inconsistencies? Not at all. But I digress. The bottom line here is that Whistleblowers who come to us to share their stories do so in trust that we will only release what they ask us to release. And that is an act of trust.

Camelot is in the midst of a site reorganization. Whereas, Bill Ryan and myself agree on many things, we do not see eye to eye on the above and other matters. In the coming days we will be revising our site to allow for us each to speak our minds in two blogs (instead of one) and two separate areas where we will continue to operate Camelot both together and apart. We will continue to work together but will also be investigating areas of our own special interests which in some cases the other person may not share. I have a great deal of love and respect for Bill Ryan. As we have grown over the years sharing the Camelot journey has often been a real adventure. Our differences have worked to maintain our balanced approach to this massively complex arena we are all a part of... It has now become necessary to expand our site to allow for the growing difference in our approach and views.

Please be patient with us as we redesign the larger site to allow for this to take place.

In the meantime, whistle blowers should contact us separately at either, or in order to maintain the integrity of our work.

Blessings to all and above all and I encourage you to listen to the wisdom in your hearts,

..."if you build it they will come"
Field of Dreams

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