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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hey Bill.

My question is this;

I noticed initially your response to the Noway Lights on P.C. was along the lines of 'sorry guys, but it really is just a mis-fired russian missle' then a time later, without any correction to your first response, as say, a newspaper would do, (forgive me if there was a correction noted, i could not find any) you replaced it with the photos and David Wilcock article instead.

My question is, if you can jump from one point of view or opinion and present it on your site to everyone on the web as 'truth' and then jump to a completely contradictory position without any explanation, equally claiming that as truth, how is your version of the truth to be trusted over any other source that purports to have some notion of what said truth may be, regarding anything?


Much Respect to you ~*


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