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Originally Posted by onawah View Post
I just wanted to narrow down the part in Nassim Haramein's video for Bill, as it is 8 hours long in all, and though I wouldn't want anyone to miss a minute of it, the part about the celestial body (possibly Nibiru, that shuttled through our solar system without causing any damage, which no one can explain) can be narrowed down. (By the way, the sun blasting it threw it off course, but it still should have had an enormous impact on the solar system. This occurred in 2003, within 2 weeks of the time many had predicted Nibiru would return.)
The link for the talk by Nassim Haramein is at:

At that link, click on the section marked 81:40, then slide the time to 1:19 (one hour and 19 minutes into the talk. watch that until the time hits 2 hours and 12 minutes. This will give a fairly full picture of what he has to say on this particular subject.
Also, there is a discussion about it here:
It could simply be the result of some beings on this planet finally coming into their true powers and confident in accessing them, and where two or more are gathered....and as the good book says, we can move mountains
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