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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Sure Uncle John!

One can and many do 'cull scientific sounding gibberish' from other sites.
This is not the case here and all 'formulations' can be checked for their validity. You are welcome to present SCIENTIFIC CRITICISM and ANALYSIS of anything you encountered on this website.

The Thuban Science is NOT mainstream and so cannot be checked in peer review citatations.
So if you choose to judge the Thuban omni-science as invalidated, because it is not mainstreamed or citated; then this is your prerogative.

So you are invited to 'challenge' the Thuban science in its formalisms and postulates for appropriate reply.

Your biased dismissal of things you are unfamiliar with is unwarranted in this instance.

So for starters present your arguments and analysis about what and where the 'gibberish' is in the treatise.

Hiding behind name calling will not do for the skeptical enquirer.
Your question is answered in the post. If you cannot understand it; I suggest you consult some basic physics books or consult articles in populist scientific publications like New Scientist or Scientific American.

The link is an unconnected phishing site.


I believe that when I'm delivering a message as a messenger I (the messenger) hold the total responsibility for that message and also for the recipient's understanding of that message. If I can't deliver the intended information enveloped withing the message with the verified (by me) full understanding of that message I have failed in deliviering the message. As a messenger I do everything I'm capable of to make sure my recipient understands the information given, which makes it necessary for me as the messenger to stretch my communicative skills and also to "think outside the box". A message without understanding is like sending an empty but in this case, fancy envelope.

Do you agree with me or do you think it's up to all of us just to understand the parts we can and ignore the rest making the message in it's whole distorted and therefor not the original message?

My intention is not to disrespect you in any way, but I feel that the people with the actual courage to ask for clarification helps us all to better understand all of this. I usually ask when I'm not fully understanding things, but if I would ask about everything I don't understand in this thread wouldn't be about Thuban anymore, it would be about answering my questions.

All love,
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