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Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post
Hi Abrax,

Let me rephrase my question.

How does our memory and consciousness work? Where is it located?

Thanks, I'll keep trying because this is fun.

Uncle John
Here is your answer from the Thuban Council Uncle John.

Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

The labels of 'mind' and 'self-awareness' and of 'consciousness' have for long awaited rigorous definition in the nomenclature of science. Whilst most researchers and philosophers accept the existence of those labels; what those namings represent in a physically measurable sense of physical parameters have remained largely unexplored.
These notions have remained as one of the major mysteries of science and have become subject to a number of speculations; from a purely materialistic interpretation of the 'mind' being a biochemical response to environmental stimuli, to the 'mind' being part of a 'spiritual soul' and subsequently constituting a transcendent aspect of biophysical life.

A related mystery is that of 'life' itself. How did the universe evolve 'life' from a generally accepted premise of a prior or older cosmology, which disallowed biological life as is observed today? The thermodynamically expanding universe follows well tested physical parameters engaging the quantum nature of physical existence in the form of nucleosynthesizing interactions such as nuclear fusion of atomic eleements and an associated natural radioactivity inherent in nature and its laws of conservation of energy and momentum. Those same processes occurred in the primordial universe and due to the smaller volume then occupied by the expanding universe; the descriptive cosmology describes a much hotter universe (as a Black Body Planckian Radiator) and a universe in which say the lifeforms observed on planet earth could not exist in their biochemical and molecular constitutions.

Recent advances in the demetricated forms of supermembrane theory (M-Theory for 11-dimensional supermembranes propagating 10-dimensional superstrings in a 12-dimensional selfdual mirror-spacetime of supervolumars (Vafa-F-Space encompassing Witten-M-Space) have allowed a rigorous definition for the above labels in the parameters of the physics of the superbranes.

The Coupling of the Energy Laws by the Self-Frequency of the Quantum for Mass

It has been discovered, that the universe contains an intrinsic coupling-parameter between its inertial masscontent and its noninertial energy content.
The matter in the universe is described by the physical parameter termed Mass (M), say as proportional to Energy (E) in Einstein's famous equation Mass M=E/c2.
This mass M then reappears in Newtonian mechanics as the change in momentum (p) defining the Inertial Mass (Mi) as being proportional to some applied Force (F) or the 'work done' for a particular displacement {F=dp/dt for p=mv and v a kinetematic velocity as the ratio of displacement over time generalised in the lightpath X=cT}.

It is also well understood, that the inertial mass Mi has a gravitational counterpart described not by the change in momentum of inertia carrying matter agglomerations; but by the geometric curvature of space containing matter conglomerations. This Gravitational Mass Mg is measured to be equivalent to the Inertial Mass Mi and is formulated in the 'Principle of Equivalence' in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
F-Theory then has shown, that this Inertial Mass Mi is coupled inherently to a 'mass-eigen' frequency via the following formulation:

(1) Energy E=hf=mc2 (The Combined Planck-Einstein Law)
(2) E=hf iff m=0 (The Planckian Quantum Law E=hf for lightspeed invariance c=λf)
(3) E=mc2 iff f=fo=fss (The Einstein Law E=mc2 for the lightspeed upper limit)

(1) Whenever there is mass (M=Mi=Mg) occupying space; this mass can be assigned either as a photonic mass {by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity: E2=Eo2 + (pc)2} by the photonic momentum p=h/λ=hf/c} OR a 'restmass' mo=m/√[1-(v/c)2] for 'restenergy' Eo=moc2.
The 'total' energy for the occupied space so contains a 'variable' mass in the 'combined' law; but allows particularisation for electromagnetic radiation (always moving at the Maxwell lightspeed constant c in Planck's Law and for the 'Newtonian' mass M in the Einstein Law.

(2) If M=0, then the Einstein Law is suppressed in favour of the Planck Law and the space contained energy E is photonic, i.e. electromagnetic, always dynamically described by the constancy of lightspeed c.

(3) If M>0, then there exists a mass-eigen frequency fss=fo=Ess/h=mssc2/h, which QUANTIZES all mass agglomerations m=Σmss in the massquantum mss=Ess/c2.

The Coupling of the Supermembranes in Vafa-F-Space

The quantization of mass m so indicates the coupling of the Planck Law in the frequency parameter to the Einstein law in the mass parameter.
The postulative basis of M-Theory utilizes the coupling of two energy-momentum eigenstates in the form of the modual duality between so termed 'vibratory' (high energy and short wavelengths) and 'winding' (low energy and long wavelengths) selfstates.
The 'vibratory' selfstate is denoted in: Eps=Eprimary sourcesink=hfps=mpsc2 and the 'winding' and coupled selfstate is denoted by: Ess=Esecondary sinksource=hfss=mssc2
The F-Space Unitary symmetry condition becomes: fpsfss=rpsrss=(λps/2π)(2πλss)=1

The coupling constants between the two eigenstates are so: EpsEss=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2=1/fss2
The Supermembrane EpsEss then denotes the coupled superstrings in their 'vibratory' high energy and 'winded' low energy selfstates.

The coupling constant for the vibratory high energy describes a MAXIMISED frequency differential over time in df/dt|max=fps2 and the coupling constant for the winded low energy describes its MINIMISED reciprocal in df/dt|min=fss2.

F-Theory also crystallizes the following string formulations from the EpsEss superbrane parameters.


Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps=E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit is the StarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'.
Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re.and for the electronic restmass me.
Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c.
Go is the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).

As the StarCoulomb unit describes the inverse sourcesink string energy as an elementary energy transformation from the string parametrization into the realm of classical QFT and QED, this transformation allows the reassignment of the StarCoulomb (C*) as the measurement of physical space itself.

Physical Consciousness and the Awareness Quantum

The Physical Quantum of Consciousness as SpaceAwareness (df/dt) maximised and minimised in the string coupling constants fps2 and fss2 respectively, so can be defined as:
e*=2Rec2=(Classical Electron Diameter)x(lightspeed)
2=VolumexAngular Acceleration
As the time differential operator on frequency is independent on radial displacement in df/dt as the square of frequency or the square of inverse time; we can now also define the parameter of:
Spacial Awareness=df/dt=AlphaOmega=αω=aw=Angular Acceleration Quantum.

The Spacial Awareness 'aw' then operates upon any volumar in the rootreduced F-Space (12D being a 9-dimensional brane volumar of superstring dimensions to which is coupled a 3-dimensional temporal time-connector volumar in 12=9+3 F-Space, 11=9+2 M-Space and 10=9+1 C-Space) AS the 3-D volume of the observed spacial component of the 'Euclidean flatness of the Minkowski spacetime metric.

The implications of those definitions for the physical universe and its cosmology are far reaching indeed.

As the expanding universe increases in its 3-dimensional volume, its 'spacial consciousness' is also increasing in the 'activation' of additional spacetime quanta.
Each of these spacetime quanta describes the inherent Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) as defined in the 3D-volumar of the Eps sourcesink superstring energy quantum then coupled to its characteristic 'starcoulombic' 'physical consciousness'.
The ZPE per unit volumar is ZPEquantum=4πEps/λps3=Eps/2π2rps3=4π/e*λps3 (Joules/m3)

Every ZPE quantum is coupled to a volume V*=e*/(df/dt) and so defines the quantisation of spacial volume in terms of the ZPE, as well as the 'physical consciousness' contained in that volume.
The V* here denotes the resonant quantum volumarized eigenstate in a minimised spacetime volumar and NOT in terms of spacial volume, but in the form of an ENTROPY COUNTER of 'statistical permutation selfstates' operation upon the 'Spacial Consciousness' quantum e*=1/Eps=1/Ess.fps2=fss/h.
The self-frequency of the mass quantum so can be expressed formally as fss=he* for the timeinstanton tss=fss, the latter triggering the 'inertialisation' of the postinflationary cosmology in the socalled Quantum Big Bang, precisely 3.333..x10-31 seconds* following the 'string epoch' of the matter wave inflation (detailed and referenced elsewhere on this site).
But it is the supermembrane coupling between the gravitational (photonic) mass Mg as given by the vibratory sourcesink string with the inertial mass Mi as given by the winding sinksource string, which is the primary causation for this Quantum Big Bang, following the string parametric de Broglie wave matter inflation.
Rewriting fss=he* then describes this coupling in the ACTION=EnergyTime of the Planck Constant in the finestructure fss=Energy*xTimeInstantonxe* for the Unity Condition of F-Space in 1=E*e* that is the original definition of e*=1/E* as the definition for the 'Physical Consciousness of Space'.

The Frequency Resonance Selfstates as Entropy Counters

Generally then, the permutative entropy counter df/dt|max=fps2 gives precisely 9x1060 frequency eigenstates as the coupling constant between the two modes of the superstring; whilst its inverse defines the minimum as the 'Singularity' 'Null-State' or 'No Consciousness' state as 1/(9x1060)~0.
The Awareness operator applicable for all universal space so can fluctuate between the quasi-zero state and the maximised resonance state in the factor of 81x10120 and a value 'measured' by contemporary standard cosmological models as characteristic of the density discrepancy between the Planck-(ZPE)-Density {ρP=mP/VP=c5/πhGo2}~9.4x1094 (kg/m3) and the actual matter density measured in the universe {ρc=3Ho2/8πGo~3.8x10-27 (kg/m3) from the inner 10D observer frame and ρc=Ho2/4π2Go~8.0x10-28 (kg/m3) from the outer 11D observer frame of the Riemannian hypersphere as a 3D boundary of the 4-ball V4=π2R4/2 for dV4/dR=2π2R3 as a 3-dimensional surface descriptive for the overall topology of the standard cosmology).
The dimensionless ratios of ρP/ρc then indicate the ZPE/Critical energy discrepancies in the factors of the permutation string selfstates in the factors of 2.5x10121 and 1.2x10122 respectively.

Quantum Consciousness and Magnetocharges define Quantum Gravitation

The ZPE-quantum Eps=E* so represents the kernel or core for any region of space containing a maximised 'physical consciousness' given by 1/E*=e* StarCoulombs (C*).

The quantitative volume V for this consciousness is minimised in Vps*=e*/fps2 in sourcesink resonance to the vibratory superstring modality and is in modular duality (as a monadic dyad or monadic duad) to its coupled sinksource resonance of its winding mode in its quantum-maximisation of Vss*=e*fps2.
The minimum calculates as Vps*=e*/fps2=1/1.8x1058 permutation states and translates to a 3D volume of measurement R with a Compton radius (Rc=h/2πmc=c/2πfc=c/ωc with angular velocity ω=2πf) as of Rcps=(e*fss2/2π2)1/3~1.4x10-20 meters for a Compton Energy of about 2.2 microjoules or14.03 TeV (as the maximum design capacity of the Large Hadron Collider or LHC located at Geneva, Switzerland comprised of two individuated colliding proton beams).

The precise ratio between the ZPE-kernel and the 'Space Consciousness' surrounding this core becomes: Wormhole-Radius/Space-Consciousness-Radius and as:
rps/Rcps=(2π2/e*rss3 fss2)1/3=c(fss/4πe*)1/3=(cfss/8πRe)1/3~1/887.11 (dimensionless); and because the string coupling defines c=λpsfps=1/λssfss), rendering the Minkowski lightspeed constant c as dimensionless in the lightpath Xps=cTps=cfss. This defines the quantum gravitational coupling of the gravitational mass element mss to the observed and measured elementary particle masses in QFT and Quantum-Chromo-Dynamics (QCD); the 'chromaticity' or 'colour charging' of gluonic gauge interaction transmitters being identifiable as the MagnetoCharges defined in StarCoulombs (C*)

The corresponding maximum then couples in macroquantisation to the microquantised quantum gravitational MagnetoCharges in Vss*=e*fps2=4.5x1063 permutation states for a characterizing 'Galactic Volumar' in Rcss=(e*fps2/2π2)1/3=(e*fss2/2π2)1/3~6.1x1020 meters or so 64,650 lightyears and a displacment scale which is then 'haloed' by the the winded string parameter rss=1/rps=2πλss~6.3x1022 meters or 6,648,875 lightyears and as the displacement scales observed by the standard cosmology.

Correspondingly, rss/Rcss=(16π5λss3/e*fps2)1/3=(16π5/fsse*c3)1/3=(8π5/fssRec5)1/3~102.85

As rps/rss=rps2=(cfss/2π)2 and Rcps/Rcss=(fss/fps)2/3=(fss)4/3=(4π2rps/rssc2)

(Rcps/Rcss)3 = (4π2rps/rssc2)2=10-88/c4=1/8.1x10121 as the awareness operator fluctuation range.

The 'Physical Consciousness' in the standard cosmology now crystallizes as being associated with biovital lifeforms, occupying space, and as evolving in the dynamics of (holographic) fractals of the encompassing 'consciousness envelope' aka the galactic cells of macroquantised entities.

This biovitality is defined in a 'kernel consciousness' inherent in space itself via the string-coupled modalities; mimicking the overall expansion of the thermodynamic (and stochastic) universe.
This process can be comprehensively described as the EVOLUTION of Core-Consciousness in its Spacial Occupancy.

The Definition of 'Life' must so fundamentally be based on the string coupling between the two modalities and as two modes of operation, which quantum relatively entangle the microquantum characterised by the 'wormhole core' as as function of the nuclear interaction scale (the classical electron radius Re is also the scale of the magneto-asymptotic confinement of gluons in the definition of the magnetocharges and so becomes the limiting quantum geometric template for the nuclear gauge interactions and the 'Higgs Bosonic' blueprint at the 3 Fermi scale).

'Life' then becomes the cosmo-evolutionary consequence of a quantum geometry defining the spacial configurations of the supermembranes as superstring couplings.
This is why the most basic and primordial 'lifeforms' such as viruses, bacteris and fungi follow highly geometrized patterns in Platonic- and Archimedean solids, characterised by highly symmetrical arrangements of their molecular and atomic constituents.
The most elementary 'life form' is the crystalline arrangements of the self-replicating pattern. This originally manifested in so called quasicrystals of fivefolded symmetry, such as can be observed in Shechtmanites and the Penrose tiling. The underpinning cosmology of the decoupling and breaking of the so termed Planck-Symmetry transformed the Planck-String into 5 classes of superstring; this 'breaking of unification' following a pentagonal supersymmetry at the core of all 'natural laws'. Many details can be found on this website for perusal and utility.

For a 'lifeless' mass-only universe then the selfrequency of mass in the fss sinksource superstring would define the awareness operator as minimised in V*|min=e*/(fss2)=e*fps2
Corollarily, the 'fully life-conscious' universe (attained after an infinite linear time evolution of the descriptive cosmology) would be defined in V*|max=e*fss2.

Consciousness of Inertia in Universal Quantization of Mass

We can now relate the 'spacial consciousness' in terms of the universe's inertia content to the volume occupied by mass.

As there are (RHubble/rps)3~10147 spacetime quanta in the asymptotic string universe of 10D and bounded by the membrane universe of 11D (as an extremal Strominger braned Black Hole say)
and the sinksource (winded string) Ess=hfss=mssc2=2.222...x10-64 J; we can define a 'Consciousness-Density per unit mass' Ρc for this 11D-'Mother-Black Hole' in Witten M-Space in dyadic coupling with a 12D-'Father-White Hole' in Vafa-F-Space (MBH and FWH).
The M-Space MBH defines the Hubble horizon in its' closure mass'
MHubble=RHubble.c2/2Go=Σmss=Nmss~6.4706x1052 kg.

Ρc=e*(RHubble/rps)3/MHubble=2Goe*RHubble2/rps3c2~7.81685x1096 (~83.2 ρP) C*/kg
This is about 83.2 times the Planck-Density ρP for MHubble and 2.34 times the Planck-Density applied to the baryonic mass seedling Mo=0.0281MHubble.
The 'Base Inertia Consciousness' (BIC) per minimal mass quantum mss then calculates as mssΡc=1.930x1016 C* and for a count of N=2.6206x10133 mss as the inertia distribution of the BICUniverse=5.058x10149 C*.

A characteristic mass of 1 kg, say as the standard liter of water in 10-3 cubicmeters of volume so possesses an inherent inertial consciousness of 7.82x1096 C*. This is the ZPE of the quantum standard models redefined in units of consciousness and this total includes 'dark matter' and 'dark energy', the former as the effect of the DIM-Factor (see other references on this website) of 7.56 for the present linear time coordiante and the latter as the 'missing mass-energy' for the mass seedling Mo in 10D to 'close' the universe in the MBH of MHubble in 11D.
In terms of the volume of 1 liter however; the 'spacial consciousness' quantizes in the form of the VPE quantum Eps=1/e* per unit volume and which is VPEv=Eps/2π2rps3~2.5133x1064 J/m3.
The 'inertia consciousness' of 1 liter of water so relates the BIC of 7.82x1096 C* to a VPEv or
ZPE of 2.51x1061 J/m3.

The example of a simple rock serves as a culmination of this essay.

A rock, occupying a volume Vrock carries an intrinsic Base-Consciousness due to its volume. This basic consciousness is given in the mass-frequency fss as the mass of the rock is quantised in a number count N of mass quanta mss.
This mass of the rock is actually a higher-dimensional mass-current as a form of 'natural superconductivity' {Ips=2efps superstring coupled to Iss=2efss}. The rock can so also be described as a summation of displacement current elements Iss=2eλps/c (as James Clark Maxwell propositioned - see 'The Origin of Mass' section on this website).
Mass in its purest form so is nothing but 'static magnetoelectricity' or densified electromagnetic monopolic sourcesink current. The nondensified form of mass is of course photonic and should this photonic mass NOT be a derivative from the acceleration of electric (Coulomb) charges 'e' coupled to preexisting mass (say fusion protons in stars), BUT be a derivative from the acceleration of magnetocharges 'e*', then the resulting ElectroMagnetic Radiation is monadic or Monopolic and defines the so called 'SPIRIT' of metaphysical cosmologies and philosophies.

The rock of volume Vrock and as some summation ΣIss or Σmss so describes an energetic selfstate of the superstring coupling between the string dyadics of the microquantum Eps and the macroquantum Ess.
The interaction of the rock with its environment then, in elementary terms, becomes a dynamic of spacial interaction in the movements of the rock.
All Spacequanta are associated or quantum entangled with each other via the string coupling and as all spacetime volumars are defined by their ZPE-core and its 'haloed' or 'auric' envelope of the physical consciousness coupled to the volumars by the self-awareness operator df/dt; the entirte cosmology is rtendered a unified kaleidoscope of holofractal self-interaction of the thus defined 'Cosmic Consciousness'.
A basic quantum consciousness then is multplied and complexified in the interaction, self- and mutual, between spacetime volumars of varying sizes in the encompassing summation integrals of the initial- and boundary parameters of the cosmogenesis (described elsewhere on this website).

The phenomenon of 'life' then is characterised by the Awareness-Operator the Alpha-Omega aw=αω=df/dt, namely the 'Change in Frequency' over linearised Time t and where the sourcesink frequency for minimum impdence for the 'natural current flow' (Ips) forms the upper bound source-resonance of the vibratory string modality and the maximum impdedence describes the 'natural current flow' (Iss) as the lower bound for the sink-resonance.
The 'lifeless' universe of the primordial Quantum Big Bang is in Sink-Resonance to the Ess sinksource as a macroquantum, manifesting the supergalactic inertia in Black Holes as seedlings for mass agglomerations known as galaxies. Coupled to those 'higher-D' Black Holes are however imaged 'higher-D' White Holes (Quasars) who as Source-Resonators manifest the Source-Resonance of the Eps sourcesink as the microquantum of the superbraned cosmology from its cosmogony.
The purpose and reason for the universe of materiality so is found in the Coevolution of SourceSink Self-Consciousness as unified encompassment for the cosmoevolution with its
individuated and dispersed holographic shards or holograms of this selfsame self-consciousness in evolvement.
The operator for this evolvement is spacial selfawareness and the ability to use a biomind defined by the function of 'changing' or modulating the frequency received by an antenna, which can take the form of a biochemical and molecular arrangement of cellular units termd a 'brain'.
The biological evolution of brains, then accomodates the utility of the natural superconductive electricity embodied in space itself; the biochemical electricity (of say electromagnetic brain waves) representing a shadow function of the chargeflow I=dQ/dt as a 'normal currentflow' to the electromagneto monopolic supercurrents of the magnetocharges aka the physical spacial consciousness.

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