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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
A big thanks for all the effort you put in to answering everyones questions friend Sirebard.

I have a question about Leonard Horowitz=Hz=hurts and his 528hz frequency that everyone tuned into during the liveh20 concert which kicked off during a summer solstice. Is it truly a frequency of love or one of control?

Also I'm of the opinion that the Greys and the Reptoids as understood in the conspiratorial terms is not by psyops. What is your opinion concerning this?
The 528 Hz frequency is a radio frequency of a wavelength of 568.2 kilometers.

So this frequency can attune to geographical regionalities of this extent, say areas encompassing so 323,000 square kilometers.
In terms of interD physics; the emission of radio frequencies so interact in feedback loops with the designated geographical areas, the areas being the 'antenna' receivers.

The Greys and Reptoids are not as physical as you are lead to believe.
There will be a difference in what you can see and what you can touch.
Psychological Operations are ubiquituous.

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