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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi Steven!

1. The Lyrians are a plasmic lifeform, giving rise to the Pleiadians and so on in the most commonly composed scenario.
HuH ?

I don't think the 'Lyrans' are a 'Plasma Life Form'; I dunno know there Abraxasinas..

As far as I am aware, our 'simian life model' is 'lyran' and the 'elongated craniums' are also a Lyran trait.

Malta & Dolichocephaloids *

* This is also the kind of stuff that the 'Sovereign Military Order of Malta' try and keep under wraps.

The Dracz interfered in the project somehow, thinking that because this was once a seedworld of theirs; they could do whatever they damn well pleased - or perhaps agreements change over time.

I am pretty sure that dynamics having to do with 'Rigel' also involve at least in some capacity the draco-reptilians ..

there is alot more branching between star systems and lifeforms that resides on planets there than we give credence to ..

Remember, the great hunter Orion was stung in his achilles tendon by a scorpion ... ancient war between 'Antares & Rigel' over 'EA' ...

This is part of the reason why Alpha Dracz have to return 12 DnA Strand visual rep to humanity.

It is a long story has to do with 'Ancestral Mass Karma' .. 'Soul Matrix Family Lines', but many of the statements I see you making; only raise further questions and cast doubt.

I am not trying to be critical, just attempting to understand what it is you are really trying to tell us regarding this 'Thuban Council'.

Because quite honestly, I really would like to know; this sh^t quite literally has ruined my life.

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