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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

does a spirit,
need to believe, or, give energy,
to jesus/or jesus christ and/or sananda,
(or, any other of his assortment of names)
in order, for uttering the words, of his name/or names to work, or hold power over you ???

another question - why do some of us, have challenges with this one ???

what is that really related to ???

what was his fallen lifetime ??? (was his so-called exaluted lifetime-by the churches,
actually a fallen lifetime)

what is he made up of ???

was he able to create his own entry place, into the mills
as, in, one who is a 'mill master' who knows how to travel in the mills,
utilsing gatekeepers, to help you, along the way

(ie; taking a trip to acturus to the big white healing tables, and, coming back to earth)

did he learn to create the 33 steps to walk up to the door/his door,
the one with concentric circles on the doorway
that you utilise your own soul sigil/or soul signature
in order to open it up ~ and, get into 'the mill' thru your own entry to 'the mills' ??

was that how, he could appear at different places
at the same time, on earth ???
ie; in north america / europe / and, india, etc., at the same time
or, did he do that, by utilising a different process
such as, bilocation
and, do that, by creating his own holograms ?

we are aware of being more than one place
ie; while dreaming - we might be in tibet talking to lamas
while the physical body of suan,
is in a bed resting/but; the other 12 out of 13 aspects are out

we are aware of other beings coming to us,
from tibet, during our waking hours
~ so, are they doing the same thing,
bringing 12 out 13 of their aspects to us ?

how many souls on earth
- are 'mill masters' ?
(which, likely is the same as a time traveller)

and, we could tell you a funny story,
from 2004, where we thought,
it would be a good idea,
to create our own set of holograms
for protection
- and, the result, was quite a disaster
since, we ended up having to hunt ourselves
with 'discarnate spirits' at the core of them,
that jumped into our 'unsealed' holograms
and, were stirring up a lot of ****,
around the universe ~ iT was NOT an easy task, to capture them

also - the records of ladies/and, lords - the dark/and, the light masters
that are stored on the 26th dimension - why is it, so dangerous to travel there

and - about the records in 33rd dimension
there the covers of the books, are morphing - with symbols etc.,
however, most of the books, are empty ~ is this because
those levels, have NOT yet been created

and ~ is this part of The Library that appears in 3 places
the core / or The Grand Central Sun of Earth
and, The Grand Central Sun of Earth Venus, and, The Amurus,
and, also The Grand Centreal Sun of Alcoyne,
within the 7 sister star system,
known, as Pleides ?

what is the significance of a record-keeper
who can read/and, write into the secured sections

is this a wise place, to record book materials ???

Thank you/susan

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