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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post

You have such a powerful avatar yet your heart is filled with ire and with a despair of your soul.

The Love of Gaia is a Love from the Cosmos Gaia Love - It awaits your cooperation.

Your hostilities derive from one place and one place alone - it has many names but one name is the 'Evil Reptilian Agenda'.

Be well and honour your soul Gaia Love

i weighed it very carefully, the decision to respond to this. He needs no protecteur, as he said, he is no lamb...

Yes , his avatar is powerful. He has more strength then any man i have known. His love has grown ten time fold in the last year. His love for Gaia, is humbling ...i can still remember the look in his face, every time he saves a fly or some other bug from a spiders web....

Evil reptilian agenda... sigh..

This has been thrown around a lot lately....and personally i doubt all the people using these terms truly understand them (not to say you dont)..

Richard has 0 agenda. He , like all of us is here to learn.

His mannerisms and view points may not always be presented with love...but his intentions are heavy with love.

i know him better then anyone else ..any place..or anytime.

*celine smiles at Richard and Abraxas *
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