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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
You mentioned crop circles.
What is their purpose, how should they be interpreted? Are they to be seen as 'messages' to the human population, & if they are, why are they not much more clear in what the messages mean?
If you could, please answer this question, for it is a subject of much debate.
Sure Trancoso!

The (noty made by stealth by artists in the dark) crop circles and ice circles and snow circles, all are messages from the Earth itself, using the magnetic higherD field of Gaia; albeit energy inducted from the interdimensional electromagnetomonopolic (the scientific name for spirit) energy residing as the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) or Vortex-Potential-Energy (VPE) in 'free space' meaning the Impedance ratio becomes the square of the magnetic permeability (muo) to electric permittivity (epsilono)constants in Maxwell's Equations for the Electromagnetic Field Vectors Sqrt(muo/epsilono)=120Pi~377 Ohm from c^2=muoxepsilono.

Yes, they are meant to be messages to all of the human population and their meaning is relatively clear, as the messages are invariable geometric and in particular engaging the Platonic Solids and the underpinning 'sacred Geometry' of the Fibonacci pentagonal supersymmetry underlaying the creation of the physical universe from the metaphysics of mathematics.

Most interpretations about the cop circles on the web are appopriate and much work and effort has already been undertaken to 'decipher' the messages.

Should you be interested in a particular configuration, then I will be pleased to answer you in interpretation relatve to my data base.

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