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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Suddenly this thought came up.
It might just be that what the Greys have set as their ultimate goal, is the cloning of the human soul.
The human soul cannot be cloned in the scientific sense by any means, as it is part of the One Soul of the All That Is.
The (non robotic) Greys are attempting to BECOME part of the Human Soul, because their association with 'All That Is' is akin the insectoid group consciousness.
All nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms are primarily capacitative, i.e. electropolically coupled in self-and mutual inductions and with a secondary inductive coupling as (shadow) intelligence.
The human template is both electropolic and magnetopolic and in this way it is UNIQUE throughout the universe (hence Alex Collier's and other's humanoid races).
All extraterrestrial intelligences are complementary to the nonhuman sentiences (i.e flora, fauna, mineral, fungi etc).

So the Grey-Intelligence seeks harmonisation with the DNA/RNA of the insect fauna upon Gaia.

Doing this will render the Greys capapble of the emotional-spiritual aspects of Gaian insect life and so harmonise with the human 'royalty' template (yes the Alpha Draconians are like the Greys in seeking the emotional components) ONLY accessible on Gaia (again evolved BECAUSE of the Frequency Resistance/Impedance Shield).

The Humans as Gaian stewards ARE MEANT to MIRROR all the Environments within themselves and so become as One with their fauna and flora familiars.
Hitherto only the native and indigenous peoples of Gaia have understood the human stewardship to be of COSMIC IMPORTANCE.

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