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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi TempestGarden!

Indeed, this what is real and what is not real is a tricky question.
One person's dream, vision or nightmare becomes another's hallucination, fata morgana or mental illusion or mental disease.

The Roswell incident was a 'real physical event' and the crop circles (the ones NOT made by nighly stalkers) are there for anyone to see.
The featureless 'spacecraft' of Rendlesham forest was 'really physically' touched by the military personell.
But in the same instance the earth is not hollow if investigated with 4D spacetime physical equipment.
So can there be lifeforms found in the mantle of the earth and can there be bases on the moon and constructs on Mars and Venus?

The science of Roswell engages the intersection of 4D linear spacetime physics with its higher dimensional template or encompassment.

Just as you can cast a 2D-shadow against the ground on a sunny day as a being manouvering in 3D space; so can a 4D space being cast a 3D shadow into a 3D space reality.

So the Roswell 'crash' manifested a 4D reality in a 3D 'wreckage' and the zigzag '3D impossible acceleration physics of UFO's becomes a superimposition of say timeframes observed in a 'warptime' relative to the 3D space observer.

For any 4D physicalised material reality to appear as a 3D object in that 3D space requires a bit of manouvering.
Because the higherD reality is frequency based, this frequency modulation also relating to what is called consciousness in quantum terminology; requires the DECELERATION of this 'consciousness' becoming equivalent to a DENSIFICATION of a more 'plasmic' selfstate in quantum energy.

In simplest terms, the lower the spacial consciousness (defined in technical detail in many posts on this forum); the higher the density.
Corollarily then, any sentient lifeform inhabiting a 3D space must have a high consciousness to become 'quasi invisible' under ordinary circumstances and the 3D space measurements.

Since the universe existed, there existed also a Frequency Shield. This Frequency Shield grows at so 105 millimeters per year and is centered on the center of the earth. This shield so has grown to encompass the earth at a distance of so 2 million kilometers. This swallows the Moon, but only extends so 5% to the planet Venus.

So the Moon is very well suited to house bases build by 'higherD plasma physics' which then allows densification within the resistance field.
So apart from the earth itself, only the moon will exhibit direct physical evidence of the ET presence in terms of technology and structure.

Then the constructs on the other planets will allow partial manifestation (like Rendlesham), where the nature of the 'structures' remains ambiguous if observed by 3D space related measuremant apparatus, such as telescopes and cameras.

The alien-human interaction proceeds on such a path of full densification of consciousness in the earth plane intersecting with partial densification of the higher consciousness (because of the Frequency Shield) of 'outer space'.

There are no 'figments of 3D imagination', as all IMAGINATION serves to physically IMAGE the consciousness of whatever lifeform in whatever dimension.

Makes complete sense and fits with my intuition. Thanks.
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