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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Anchor...Have you weighed in on the contents of this thread? I have a feeling that you are extremely knowledgable about the subjects discussed within Avalon...but that you choose to say very little. I would be very interested to know your reincarnational history. A couple of posts at the beginning of this thread piqued my interest. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked this question...but I tend to be hyper-curious about things that tend to get me in trouble. I never learned from the cat's misfortune.

Regarding all of the craft and visitors in the Solar does God, Satan, Amen Ra, Lucifer, Hathor, Isis, Mary, and the Vatican fit in with all of this? Is Satan the Reptilian God of This World? Is Lucifer/Hathor/Isis/Mary, the Human Goddess of This World? Does the Vatican take orders from the Goddess of This World? No disrespect intended. Really. These are not rhetorical questions. I'm just trying to figure out the nature and power structure of the Humans and Reptilians...and what names the kingpins or queenpins might go by. I'm not sure why I'm asking these questions. I guess I'm trying to think outside of the box. Way outside of the box.


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