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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Thank you Bill and Kerry for all that you have done in presenting me with multiple viewpoints for me to ponder. At least one things for sure......there is a lot more going on than we are and have been consciously aware of. I am so glad that you cannot prove anything. And we can all just hash it all out here on this forum and have a good time doing it. I loved your interview of 2 + hours, without a break on Freedom Central !

So my comment/request to you is in the area of your experience with your lady friend Angie. You spoke of the incident where-in you were so emotionally challenged when she up and left (who wouldn't be !) that you were unable to move physically. And I am just paraphrasing this experience of yours. My request is.....when your "visitors" came and assisted you in helping you "clear the charge" (which is a Scientology phrase is it not?)...

....can you tell us more of that and what exactly did you experience and do you think you could or have you tried to do that again on your own? And was it completely permanent in that you did not have future challenges in that arena of someone abruptly leaving you or any emotional challenge for that matter?

And since you did have assistance do you not think that we can also create or should I say co-create forms of assistance with those visitors that are interested in our well-being?

From my own understanding there is a quarantine on this planet which will be lifted 2012 (also something I cannot prove for anyone here who needs proof) and I have learned that "they" cannot do for us, we need to do it ourselves. Which from my perspective means that we DO have the power within us to create the positive, aligned, world harmony that we all so desire.

I believe that there are both positive and negative perspectives both human and ET. My choice is to align with the positive of course, but to be aware of that which is not and use the most powerful tool I know of, which is love, to represent who I am as human. Again, thank you for all that both of you have given in this awesome journey to enlightenment.

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