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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Thanks for that video, Feardia -- this just imo -- i am convinced that one of the purposes of HAARP etc is to keep out truly benevolent ETs/ODs -- i had a terrible 'real' dream in 2000 or so of seeing hundreds of greys busily at work creating a frequency fence/shield all around Earth & i knew the purpose was in part to keep the human mind disconnected from higher energies/frequencies, & also to keep out the Good Guys

therefore all these sightings fill me w/a feeling of unease -- they are not of the Light Force -- the nwo knows they are going down soon, & want to take as many souls w/them as they can -- being parasites, they need the creative, spirit-filled human soul for energetic food [also some need flesh & blood, or enjoy it, & the pain & terror thus created] -- i think there WILL be an official 'disclosure' of some sort, designed somehow to play a part in trapping souls on the way out in the mass deaths they are planning

also -- one of the exopoliticians' lines is that when 'disclosure' happens, the stupid humans will panic & run thru the streets creating mayhem, & therefore 'global governance' [salla's latest meme] will be required -- most -- come to think of it, all people i have talked to re ETs have a normal healthy interest in them -- & the faces in the video Feardia posted show the same

one of my favorite quotes, from DW Griffith: 'Never underestimate the intelligence of the common man.'

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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