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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

Originally Posted by WiNaDeYo View Post
Just to inform ...

The Italian TV Channel "Italia Uno"'s "Studio Aperto" news program (Belusconian owned) announced 3 days ago and again tonight that Obama will be disclosing on the existence of Ufo's and their involvement with government and technology on the 27th..... spiced up with other info alluding to the existence of secret lunar bases on the moon, etc.

I have spent most of the evening trying to see if I could find the video archive but I haven't been able to find it.. not even on the Mediaset site. Sorry. Maybe it will show up later on Youtube.

Peace and Good Will!
Jeeze ... That's pretty awesome news ...nothing here in uk on mainstream... Keep us informed if you find the link Win ....

Jester love the message from Jjamnuel/Sananda.... Confirms my previous threads... ;-)

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