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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi All!

I have posted some scientific content on what Steven Greer 'seems' to be trying to convey about no 'bad' aliens.

I have worked on the science of consciousness for decades (I have a science degree, which is a bit old now from Queensland Australia in the 1980s), but specialise in pioneering mainstream standard models in physics (cosmology and particle physics).

Now the thing with Steven Greer was the following. I viewed the interview with Bill and Kerry and found Steven's comments in just about 95% line with my own work.
Then I watched his Barcelona (or Madrid?) representation and found a GENERAL convergence in his address with everything else know about through my own research.

I normally do not engage in 'persona' debates on public forums; but I experienced a resonating electromagnetic 'spark' when I viewed Greer's interview with Bill and Kerry.
This wasn't persona oriented, but related to what he said.
This is unusual (and I do converse with many people on an impersonal - just data -level) and therefore did I take the time to check things out.
Now today, reading much of your comments and the debates here and on the Bill Ryan thread; I learn about 'money' and 'sexual' issues about Steven Greer and this (in the former not the second as the second has rather important implications to 'harmonise' and to metamorphosise the 'old human' cosmic Id into a 'new starhuman' Id) of course does indeed ALLOW a kind of double-agent role wrt his proclaimed agenda.

Allow me to state, that I have tried to personally contact Steven Greer via his website and I shall refine my 'analysis' as to his integrity of stated purpose if and when I get a reply from him.
I shall inform the forum here about any developments.
I have also sent the post (to Steven Greer) to Bill and Kerry.

Lastly, allow me to state that there are wonderful people on this forum and whilst there seem to be some disagreements in interpreations; all contributions I have read derive from a well above the norm 'understanding of the true spirituality' inherent in all of the old human caterpillars who have fed enough to enter their cocoons to transform into a new and hitherto utopian 'butterflies of joy and love'.

There does exist a 'Secret of Humanity' and this 'secret' addresses your cosmic identies, both individually and collectively.
The difference between those two modes (you are all at more places simultaneously and your own doppelgaengers or shadows) - is at the basis of the 'good ET- - 'bad ET' dichotomy.

John Shadow
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