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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Brinty View Post
I would suggest that anybody who cares to look at Australia on Google Earth, will soon realize that without exaggeration, approximately 80 percent of the country would be considered desert. In New Zealand where there is abundant rain and good pasture,with good management, the land can carry up to 8 or 9 head per acre. In Australia, in the areas that are not desert, the ratio is measured at about 5 to 10 acres per cow.

We live not far from the east coast on 5 acres with a miniature horse and donkey and for the last three years have had to graze them on neighboring blocks of land and supplement their feed with hay.

So I for one wouldn't suggest everyone moving to Australia - might as well suggest moving to Antarctica - at least there are no bushfires there.
Not sure you quite grasped the point I was making there mate. I didn't actually mean that everyone was to move to Oz, it was just an example of the size of an area that the current world population would comfortably fit into to prove the world is no where near over populated. Don't panick, Have another tinny, we are not all going to move in
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