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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Greer took the high road. His focus and intention is on raising others consciousness through meditation and leading groups of people in contacting ETs in the spirit of Universal Peace. Since all of his ET contacts have been positive with full recall and in a state of heightened conscious awareness his ET experiences are positive.

He has not been compromised. He just evolved.

There is the saying that water seeks its own level. The same can be said for the energetic vibrational frequency one resonates at. As a person becomes more committed to the spiritual path its possible for there to be more discordant interactions from those people who are operating at a denser energetic frequency.

I would also like to add that TPTB targeted Greer and his partner for death. Subsequently both got a rare form of cancer. Greer's partner died but he was able to beat it. It is no wonder his life took another direction after years and years of doing what he could to bring disclosure at the governmental level. He realized it was not going to happen ~ TPTB, the shawdow government were never going to allow it. Even President Clinton told Greer that he would have to do it himself because if he, Clinton disclosed, TPTB would kill him. One needs to understand the personal history of Greer in order to see how he has evolved in his endevor to wake people up.

Dr. Greer is a man who has devoted his entire life to helping others at great personal sacrifice. One only has to look at his history to know that he is a man of geat integrity and spiritually motivated.
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