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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Two things today Bill mate, It's the next Camelot radio show tomorrow and we still haven't got last weeks on the site, although to be honest when I look at the subject I am not sure I want to hear it and I can't understand why Camelot had him on, so therefore I need to hear it to find out. Does that make sense.

Secondly Kerry is once again spreading fear and scaring the be jesus out of everybody, and a few days before Christmas too
What's with the Eliminating sections of the population? Is it just to reduce the amount of people on the planet?
First of all you could fit everyone on this planet comfortably with a bit of land each in Australia, leaving the rest of the world empty, so it is not overpopulated.
About 8 billion on the planet, you would have to eliminate at least a billion to make a difference, They could not get away with that!
How could "Sections of the population" be eliminated without someone noticing? Also what "sections" exactly? Who has made a decision that a certain Section of human beings has no right to life? Based on what? Rich? poor? colour? religion?
All sounds like complete rubish to me, like swine flu, just scare mongering, are you sure you are not being fed dissinfo and being made a fool of?

Edit:- I have been sitting here thinking about this and it occurs to me that it would be wonderful if the good aliens are meeting secretly with the PTB so that they can find out just who they are and when they have followed the trail to the top and got their list of the illuminati and all their followers and drones, guess who the section of the population to be eliminated would be? Now that would be a wonderful Christmas present, then with their guidance the right people could be put in charge to make the world as it should be.
Sorry, guess I'm just dreaming again, it's only the hope that one day that may happen that makes life worth while for me.
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