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Originally Posted by Daft Ada View Post
I don't understand why they won't help. Surely it doesn't take their advanced inteligence to clearly see that the majority of this planet is being controlled and manipulated by a few nasty, greedy, selfish cretins who have done it in such a way that we have no way of finding out who they really are. How can they not help us? they can see we have been tricked and taken advantage of.
This is something that just does NOT make sense to me, why would good ET's only meet with and do business with the the people who claim to lead and govern the countries, when they know that even if they are not directly the bad guys, they are controlled by them?
If they were really good Aliens why would they want to keep themselves secret and only deal with the people who manipulate us?

I agree completely. I am not saying that we do not need to do the work to clean up and get us out of the situation we are in, but for that to happen we, Terrans, need to be on the same page. This is where the "good aliens" can help. They could help most get to the same page. I posted about this a little earlier but I felt un easy about posting it for some reason.

I do not understand the reason for the "good aliens" not helping out because it is our problem, when other aliens have been interfering all along, maybe even from the very beginning. There has already been intervention. Just only from the bad ones. They say that a majority have to want to have help from the good aliens. That is a catch 22. In order to want help they have to know help is there. Furthermore, they have to know that we need help. Some have an inclining with trash problems and poverty, but not the true scope of things, I don't think anyone does. Maybe it is about time that we get some good intervention.

Sorry if any of that came off as aggressive. Just frustrated and have had these thoughts for a while. It just seems like a good excuse to not help humanity. All we need from them is vision to see clearly. We can handle the situation from there. But the playing field needs to be leveled.

Bill what are your thoughts?
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