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Default Re: Has anyone experienced weird malfunctions with cellphone, internet, etc.

I have a cell phone that I don't use for anything (no social, work, etc. calls), it's only for one thing I jokingly call it the 'Bat Phone'. But I always have it if not ON me, WITH me. It seems kind of stupid carrying two cells around but I have this phone for a reason.

I can count the number of calls I've recieved on it on one hand, prior to this past week and a half or so. In this time, I've recieved probably 15 calls.

Most were from 'private' numbers where they either left no message or hung up when I answered. One was an obvious wrong number and three I recieved from numbers that went to the same phone directory ("please enter your partys extension") when I called back.

It's an odd coincidence.....
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