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Default Re: message from rhythm 2010 walk the walk

Hey Kool thanks for the input appreciate allways
well this garden to which i refer of course its my practical example
but you knew that right cos at the mo i dont have a garden cos i live in a flat but soon i shall move then i will have a front and a back garden
i will need to walk the walk then eh!!lets hope the neighbours are looking after there gardens hm or i may be tempted to step in and offer help
but realy this garden to which i refer ... its very real in the sense that it can only become what i make it .. leave it for long and look see how overgrown it becomes .. then iwill have to fight my way thru the thicket and bramble . hm
so this garden needs my constant love and attention you see ... then i have somewhere to offer you visit ... i can say look at my garden this is the result of my efforts if i have prepared the soil well .. planted the right seeds all will grow well and the blossoming will come .. the bees will arive the birds will sing ... but hey im getting carried away off with the fairys.. more to do always more to do .... to be con....

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