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Originally Posted by seashore View Post

...I emailed her asking her the source for the assertion that the District of Columbia has its own Constitution.

Her response was to read The Empire of the City by E. C. Knuth. Well, I purchased the book, and I've just finished perusing the table of contents and the index, and scanning the pages about the Constitution of the United States, but I can't find one word about a Constitution for the District of Columbia...

Does anyone have any info on this?
This post must show where the assertion originates from:

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
The only reference I could locate regarding a Washington D.C. constitution was in a chronology which I found on :

November 4, 1980: District electors approve the District of Columbia Statehood Constitutional Convention of 1979, which became D.C. Law 3-171 and which called for convening a state constitutional convention.

November 2, 1982: After the constitutional convention, a Constitution for the State of New Columbia is ratified by District voters.
And there's this:

"...In 1982 elected delegates to a District of Columbia statehood convention drafted a constitution for the proposed State of New Columbia. The petition for statehood was approved by voters within the District and sent to Congress. But in 1993 Congress voted on and rejected District statehood by 63 votes (277 against, 153 for, and four not voting)..."

Here's the link:

The Ring of Power video states the year 1982 as the year the "city-state" of the District of Columbia was officially created. But how can it be so if in 1993 Congress voted against District statehood and its associated Constitution?
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