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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

[SIZE=]Again, Dragonhood MEANS the manifestation of a Fourth Merkabah-Brain, supplementing the Reptilian brainstem of the First Level and the Mammalian midbrain of the Second Level and the Human Cortex of the Third Level.[/SIZE]
This then brings the LINEAR evolution of the old human merkabah to an end and RECIRCULARISES your reptilian brainstem with your starhuman perceptions, accessing your 'obscured' superconsciousness.

This then is the TRU meaning of the Ouroboros, the Milky Way abd the Zodiac in the Serpent who swallows its own tail.

All of you are Ouroboros and all of you are Serpent-Tamers under the 13th starsign of Ophiuchus transforming the Scorpio of John into the Eagle of John.


dear abrax,
is the halo in art significant to the "recirculares" our reptilian brainstem?
Jesus has mostly a halo arround his head like other saints
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