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Default Re: Is anyone else feeling extremely strong lately?

I actually feel wonderful too.

i am pretty grounded and anchored in a positive outlook.

I succumb to Fictional Evidence Appearing Real at times and experience fear, however i seem to always come back to peace.

As for personal strength....I feel great!

Fear and Pain are an illusion and vibratory delusion that we all seem to fall prey to every once in a while, and if an entire populace is resonating or carrying that electromagnetic frequency, it is very easy for individual beings in a population to become entrained subconsciously to that frequency.

Its like putting two tick tock clocks on a wall and leaving them next to each other over night, eventually their individual rhythmic ticking patterns will, by morning, become in synch.

now imagine each person ticking at their very own rate, and when a group cohesion takes place eventually all their different electromagnetic pulse rates get in line and make an electromagnetic song... essentially.

So lets postulate that a drum was just played in the "time stream continuum rock concert" that took the song in a whole new exciting direction....

then members of the human rock band "earthlings" like Trey and the boys all just started floating in that new unexplored direction....all at once, like a flock of birds simultaneously turning at once.

I imagine a new energy and vigor that would be experienced by the flock...

senses would be heightened, listening would increase, and reflexes would be all the more sharp in order to better follow a new stream that is, as of yet, relatively unexplored and therefore repleat with new challenges, patterns, and stimuli.

At the core of EVERY being is the spark of the source and it is therefore within the grasp of ANY being, regardless of the levels of defamation and pollution of the vessel, to BE that force. to BE that essence. To represent that power, and when used in accord with the dynamic and ever present force of can turn the entire flock of a free form jam session that just BLOWS YOUR MIND!!!


get crackin earthlings...
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