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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

Originally Posted by clarkkent View Post
this doesnt have much to do with the thread but i watched "baraka" again and this part always makes me sad

Baraka is indeed a fantasic video.
That clip reminds you that no matter how bad some of us here have things, we're still 100 times better off than many,many,many others on this planet.

You know why the Elite detest us? Because so few of us realise this and even fewer do anything about it.
They mock our ignorance imho. They actually hate us for not hating them. Ironic isn't it?
If you were to meet one of the "PTB" they would at least admire and respect you. It's my opinion that they want a world of people like this when they come crawling out of their holes. Even more ironic is that I won't be in a mood for forgiveness.

As for staying, well I already made my move a long time ago. I've got a decent place with what I need and plenty of decent folk nearby. I'll take my chances here.
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