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Default Re: for ground crew NOT moving anywhere

I find it interesting that the "nordic blondes" are the biggest proponent that this event is 100% going to happen. i find it interesting that the people warning of us of this seem to me to be what amounts to a future version of hitler's "master race"
-has no one else noticed this? why arent future black people or indian people or asians telling us this? why are "nordics" telling us there will be no "ascension" yet crop circles imply that that we WILL-as do some "light beings" other people have been contacted by.

"There is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us
that it ill behooves some of us
to talk about the rest of us"!

If they are tall, bonde and nordic looking SO WHAT?!

There are NO races or peoples that have not committed atrocities against others. It is just that for the last sixty years Hollowood and others have hammered and pounded away on Germans as if they and ONLY they were "EVIL".
I saw Germany right after the war and I assure you, that whatever they might have done, when that war was over, they had paid!!!! If anyone had been "holocausted" it was the German civilian population.

Let us hope that that part of the paradigm will shift also!

Concerning safe areas, I just wish, they would be a little more specific. It is not much use to Europeans to be told, that there is some obscure place in the States called "the four corners" that is safe, since we do not have a hope in hell of getting there.
It may be primitive to wish for physical safety, but OK then I am primitive. I want safety, particularly for my loved ones. So it would be very convenient, if the "tall nordics" would come out and say precisely, WHERE on each continent their shelters are, if that is not too much trouble.


P.S. Incidentally I happen to be "tall, blonde and nordic looking" myself (but not German) and I certainly never holocausted anyone nor do I have the slightest intention to hurt a fly if I can help it in any way.
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