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Default Re: Pay to post goes against the main philosopy

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Yes, I did miss those points in my post, because there is nothing more I can do to advocate for them. I do have them written upon my heart. I have a stack of papers an inch high on notes about how to improve avalon. I noted almost everyone's comments on the subscription fee and had a chat with Bill about people's best objections, some of which you list above. I tried to advocate for an all out and proper fund raiser. After listening to Bill's responses I decided that to take it any further felt like sabotage to their plans already in the works.

I talked to Kerry on the phone earlier about a new moderating strategy that is more gentle and kind and is based on discussions with members when a problem is perceived and that the deletion of posts and threads was really upsetting a lot of people. She announced her vision of how the forum should be run the next morning.

I am a 9 on the Ennegram, the top point, and I can see all sides of an argument, but making decisions on something is very difficult. After my chat with Bill, I decided to accept their choice and do what I can to help it succeed. I think the forum will be OK,

I am the one with my ear to ground listening to the complaints and questions, and taking note of them, even before i became a moderator here. Anyone can PM me, for I cannot read the entire forum and will miss many of them that are posted here and there.

I am posting this as information for everyone, not just you, Milk and Honey. So many questions have never been answered. I hope people will look at the concepts/ideas and nobody pick's at my choice of words, I have been at this post for a long time now. And I wanted you to know I did try for the option you want ... I am not trying to argue with anyone about this. I just had to go with the fact that their decision is final and was the original intent that I read when I came here on the first day it was created. I think many who came along later missed that.

I appreciate what you're saying here. With these comments you're doing a fine job walking the fine line in the role of mod.

Cheers Karen, take care.
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