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Default Re: Pay to post goes against the main philosopy

Originally Posted by KathyT View Post
I never knew about the Avalon for a few months after I started listening to the interviews. And when I did hear about it, I thought it was to support the "ground crew".

That concept, is people helping people. If new people that come along have to "pay" to post an urgent message to begin participating among the "ground crews", it is going to restrict their access and needs.

I suggest that any new 'member' be given a month of free introductory time to begin to participate in the forum.

Anyone with a little knowledge of the forum, or someone with a month's introduction, will then know whether they're staying or not.

It is going to make quite a few people drop, that I anticipate. I actually think advertising would probably bring in more revenue and wonder why that hasn't been tried.
I will submit your 1 month free idea to Bill and Kerry. They know a lot of people will drop out. It's been quite overwhelming for they did not know so many would show up. Bill has considered and absolutely positively vetoed advertising. What pushes peoples buttons as much as money stuff - advertising! I wanted a full out NPR style fundraiser. I talked to them both and concluded they will not change their decision.

I have asked for a button on the subscriptions page for people with urgent information to share. That is the best compromise I can come up with.

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