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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Coming back to cake which I love.
Different cakes for different folks.
My partner is a native of Cameroon, she was asked at work if her natural language is English, she was a bit put out as she taught English in Cameroon and it is her first language, also she qualified in British Universities in various subjects, the latest being Entrepreneurship at Napier in Scotland.
However I think in essence, the implication the context of what is said. My partner takes everything very literally which has lead to some missunderstandings, different cultures different understanding of the application of the same word.
I qualified as a Hypnotherapist and out of interest I would say one word to clients and wait for a reaction.
Some it was Oh wonderfull animals and I would have to listen for ages to all the Rover stories.
Fear Bit by a dog when I was 5 etc.

Dissinterest. Whats Dog got to do with anything?
No wonder we have missunderstandings when every word brings personal history with it.
Really think about that one please and give your thoughts.

Safer sharing tea and cake silently.

With love
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