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Default Re: Venezuela Bans Coke (the soda/soft drink)

I recall one of the people who B&K got on tape later one. Who called this "new product" "s.... h..... i.... t" in a bottle.

ONE other note is the fake sweetener aspartame was wrote up about 5 years ago in the pilot's paper to avoid it. That stuff makes me very ill as with a condition of having "the runs".

Last on just "soda" in general... In 1976 the FDA let all the "pop" people start using "corn sryup" in place of cane sugar. A small change which anyone who did not understand the biolgial effect of one sweetner over another would think nothing of. However that one move had a huge effect on the body weight of anyone who drinks "soda".

If you are intrested in the body and the effects of what the "modern" diet has had on it you may want to really take the move by Venezuela to heart and start looking at what you are putting in your pie hole.

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