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Default Re: NASA Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft pictures of Great Mothership near SATURN !!

Originally Posted by KAJ View Post
Hello to all you wonderfull Guys out there.

I have been folowing PC and this forum from the very beginning and want to share some of my knowledge, which I think you will find quite interesting. I don`t know how many of you out there, knows about this ? but it is very interesting and proves a lot of what is going on here on our Earth and in Cosmos.

Just for your information to get startet. There are 3 persons involved:

Riley Martin Start page:

On this page you will se all the NASA pictures taken about 1.4 Mil. kilometer from object. The Mothership is about 50 x 100 Kilometer and looks like an egg.
Michael from MAUI Hawaii, Listen here:

Here you can listen to Michael`s radioshow, NB. start with show # 49 and then #50 I promise you will be amazed, but listen to them all you will love it. Michael tells all what you want to hear about Earth, 2012, mothership, our Cosmic family, the sun, Nibiru,The Urantia Book and our future, just listen.

Nancy Lieder from Zetatalk. Nancy Lieder aka Emissary of the Zetas , Was this the woman both Riley and Michael saw on the mothership? Listen to this on # 35. (This one is amazing.)

This was my first post, hope you liked it?

Peace and love to all

Hey Kaj ... great Interview with Nancy... ... please listen...

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