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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by Carol View Post
Dear gita, it is clear you are new to this forum and have only been registered for 3 months. All members are encouraged to read the forum rules before they post.

The forum guidelines state:

Discussions that promote illicit drugs, pornography, foul language, violence, racial / sexual / national intolerance, hate speech, personal insults, politically subversive acts or planning, will obviously not be tolerated. Posts that violate these guidelines will be removed and the posters membership reviewed. IP addresses are logged.

The point of whether folks found the pictures hilarious or not isn’t the issue. The photos posted are clearly out of alignment with the guidelines as they are soft porn and should be deleted along with the other sexually related comments you made in your response, which is equally sexually offensive in content.
When I originally viewed these photos previously on other forums they were amusing as was the circumstance. I don’t find them amusing here. There are other ways of breaking negative energy other then posting soft porn photos. You may not think what you wrote or the pictures you posted offensive but others do and Bill would not approve. Bill is the founder of this forum and having worked with him these many months I know he would be offended as well.

And it is for this reason that I'm requesting you delete them... because of mutual respect for the founder of the forum and the other members who choose to honor the forum's guidelines.

With much aloha,
Dear Carol

First please note that I did not use any ‘sexually related comments’ in my response as you wrongly point out. Those were in quotation marks as those remarks were made by another ‘newbe’ on the thread so please re-read my post before commenting. As for the pics, they are from celebs in character so please send your complaint to Hollywood - and if you have something against the village people and Lego– well there’s nothing much I can say to that! I was also not aware that there was a ‘humour police’ roaming the forums and that there was a law against laughter.

Please don’t imply just because I’ve been here for three months that I have less right than you – that’s just ego talk and I will not comment to that any further.

Also please note that I already have a mum who long ago stopped telling me what I should or should not do. I do however welcome people’s opinions yet reserve the right to hold on to mine.

My thanks to Transco and Haveblue for your common sense and support but apparently your post does not really count Haveblue as you’ve not notched up almost 2000 post to be even considered (just like myself).

You can drag this out as much as you wish Carol but I’m not going to play that game and continue to explain myself as the whole thing is completely ridiculous. If you need to then please re-read my last posts as it explains it all.

It continues to amaze me how some people try to project themselves as loving, caring and understanding but when it comes down to it they fail themselves miserably. It’s one thing to know one self as these things but it’s another thing to be and show yourself as such. Sigh...

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