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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by SteveX View Post
Wow 12 pages...tuck some reading after I accidentally found this thread. Glad I read it all before posting now.

So it'll (Thuban Thread) be back up as a read only. I think that should satisfy those that want to read it. As for Abrax posting member to sexually harass them... wellÖ if thatís the case he deserves the ban. I think everyone can stand behind that. Iíll add this though... because the allegation isn't fully clarified or proven, as yet, if it's a set up then those doing the "setting up" should be banned. Everyone's aware of the animosity this thread has caused with some folk.

Having read all the post there is none other than the quoted thread below that has disturbed me the most. I'm surprised it's hardly been mentioned. Talk about the cotton wool brigade. (gawd..hope it's not a case of you guys knowing something I don't ) later go onto say, within this thread, you posted 32 times in the Thuban thread.... Why? You didn't like the thing. You tuck offence with it. Why keep on reading it? That's akin to sticking your finger in the fire 32 time to see if it burns ...32 times

I've read a couple of those romantic Mills & Boon novels and they are as sexually exsplicit as Abrax. Abrax falls short of the pornography and vulgarity I've read in those top shelf magazines, so I don't see your "sexual perversions" allegations ringing true. Again, if you objected to it on grounds of pornography and sexual perversion...why go back to it? Why didn't you hit the report tab from the get go. I honestly don't see the logic. You had free will to stay away and protect your somewhat Victorian values, with regards to sex. If you have issues there you need to understand the majority does not. I most certainly didnít feel offended by the first post and I didnít see any sexual innuendos after that.

If you say to me your 32 visits were to protect me or other members I would be compelled to say "HOW DARE YOU." I would point out to you it's little more than printed words. It's not going to eat me, hurt, distort me its just some geezer on the end of a computer. Much like the rest of us. If you perceive Abrax as evil, spreading distortions and lies pertaining to religion then that's your issue. If you deliberately countered Abrax to protect others or me from our selves, as you insinuated later in this thread, you can keep your arrogance and your cotton wool.
It's very obvious it's a case of knowing something you don't . As you seem to have trouble with someone posting to material that is offensive first, and second inaccurate in many instances.
To my mind and many here it is twisted information to lure. And yes...32 times I swung at it to get to the bottom of what might be an accurate view. And each time, it was dodged, or at the very most led to another lure of inaccurate information..again twisted to conform to the ideas being presented....So, this is my take on it. And 32 t
imes, even though I found much of the material repulsive, and strewn with an "agenda"...that of the makings of a cult....did I say cult? Yes I did..A CULT...that, again in my mind was worthy of addressing.

Have I done this to "protect" anyone? I'm not here to protect anyone. That is not my job. So "HOW DARE YOU" suggest that. I do however have the right to voice an opinion. And if my opinion is, that the first post is vulgar and laden with innuendo, then that is how I see it. I am not in the habit of hitting the report button. Reminds me of the school house tattle tale. And that is not something I would do. And I've seen many threads get shut down for much less.

Now you imply that words cannot eat you, or distort you...well you might want to give that a second thought. As there are written words out there...much of it published..and ancient in fact that have distorted the whole world..and people have been following those words..and hanging on to those words for dear life. So think about that, and the effect that words used on that thread might sway someone to change their life for if they took it all in, and believed it all.

As for the sexual nature of the posts...well, again we are entitled to our opinion..and the rules of the forum stand. And here is a was not I that reported the sexual nature of the thread, or the harassment ...I was just pointing out the obvious. As you seemed to not be offended by it, I would include you as one of the ones that seemed titillated and lured by it. so without question you should go follow your dragon.

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