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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Quote:Originally Posted by GaiaLove
After receiving complaints of sexual harassment by several members of the forum against the user abraxasinas. Those complaints as well as a review of the increasingly sexually oriented posts on this site by him leaves the administration no choice but to deny him access to the forum as well as pull all his threads and posts pending any potential legal action by the members affected.

Project Avalon deeply regrets any harm suffered by its members
I can hardly believe that an intelligent (clever) & calculated person such as Abraxasinas, all of a sudden starts to post sexually oriented content for no apparent reason at all.

It therefore wouldn't surprise me if he posted that stuff on purpose, reasoning that if he'd get banned, it would divide the members on this forum again & probably even more, than they already were after the closing down of ‘his’ Thuban thread.

(‘Elementary, my dear Watson.’)

But maybe a slip of the pen has occurred – to show that he too, is only human – although that idea doesn’t seem very realistic to me, given the fact that nowhere in ‘his’ Thuban thread he ever lost his cool/control.

My personal experience with the moderators of this forum is, that getting banned takes a serious effort. Whenever I posted something that was truly ‘not done’, I got either a warning, or an infraction, but I wasn’t right away, ‘out of the blue’ completely banned. I suppose there are other members who have been ‘out of line’ occasionally, who can comply with this.

For the sake of the argument I’ll file these questions:
1) Did Abraxasinas receive a warning in order to take notice of the fact that his post(s) were not according to the rules of the forum? or,
2) Was he indeed straight away dumped/banned, without a chance to defend or apologize himself?

If the answer to question 1. is ‘No’ & question 2. is answered by ‘Yes’, we have a, in my opinion, a serious problem.

If, on the other hand, the answer is (1) 'Yes', & (2) 'No', than I suggest we quit attacking the moderators & start to support them in their ungrateful task.

In either way I’d like bring back to remembrance that only a couple of days ago the forum was closed down, and I most certainly haven’t seen anyone complain about the efforts being made, to get PA back online.

In fact it occurred to me that when PA disappeared, everybody gathered in the Avalon chatroom - all together: “Thank you, GaiaLove, for making this possible, & for setting up a chatroom, in your spare time, without any payment at all!”

So, to anyone who doesn’t comply with the way PA is run I’d like to say: Either start your own ‘Project Whatever’, or stop the senseless moaning!
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