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Default Re: Tribute video to Project Camelot

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
I like it. It's clear and concise.
Thanks, but also please consider other possibilities as well. Such as... Maybe this reality is your whole reality and you attracted yourself to be here. In other words it's wasn't just Clarityofawareness aka Kevin who created this video. You helped me as well. And I thank you and everyone (all life) for such help. For all our whole minds (consciously and unconsciously) operate in ways that we do not consciously yet understand. Whether or not you believe any of such is not really the point. Because it's more important that you explore such at your own free will... rather than just some how magically believing in everything that I say in any thread of this whole forum. No, I am not saying that is what's happening here... just reminding all that we all must be aware or more and more perspectives all around us.


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