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Default Re: ufo's near the sun

Originally Posted by ewhite View Post
I went to check the latest SOHO image for myself and there is a very convenient black box cover up on the image...

Elitist a-holes! What gives them the right to suppress information about the universe that we all inhabit? We're probably much smarter than they are anyway, we definitely posses more common sense, compassion and a connection with Life...or Gaia they only dream of, or may even believe is left to the realm of books or movies like Avatar.

The connection to Life that their ancestors cut us off from thousands of years ago to take away our own individual power so we couldn't rise up against them. Well, the awakening is upon us...and them.

They can try to hide pics all they want but Pandora's box is wide open, the secret is out and a new day is dawning where there will be no more room for lies and games....

Scurry along you corrupt little rats, we're getting ready to take over again!
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