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Default Meshuggah!!!!

Lets take a step outside politics/spirituality for a little while here,

Who here likes Meshuggah? wonderful metal band from Sweden in my humble opinion one of the most unique bands in metal - and most other genres at that!

A few songs you should all check out,

The Mouth Licking What Youve Bleed
Pineal Gland Optics (now that song is badass!)
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Shed (watch the video!)
Rational Gaze (great song about narrow mindedness)

Those are just a few to perk your energy up and make you want to bob 4/4 over and over

Here is a video about man descending into 4/d negative, the song is called Bleed. Check it out!!!!!!!

I think you spiritualist will enjoy the video if it you don't get scared
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